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We can unlock commercial doors, rekey, recore, fix doors, fix door closers, fix hinges, install safes, and more!

Alcatraz Locksmith is highly proficient in dealing with commercial locksmith services.  Commercial properties must adhere to ADA compliance along with other commercial codes and laws.  If your business is out of compliance as it pertains to doors and locks, you could be at fault in the event of an injury.  Alcatraz Locksmith can help you navigate the codes so your commercial property remains in compliance and is fully secure.  Key control, theft prevention, perimeter security can all be looked at by Alcatraz.


24 Hours a Day

We work on door hinges, door closers, unlocking doors, repairing doors, repairing locks, and rekeying locks.


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We work with customers all year long that need professional locksmith service in Phoenix AZ for their cars, houses, and safes.


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We have been verified and researched by the largest locksmith association in the USA.


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You will get exception service at an affordable price! We have great locksmith hardware at a reasonable price.

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We are a Commercial Locksmith so we can help with your entry and exit doors, internal doors, keys, filing cabinet locks, desk locks, drop safes, cameras, door closers, lever locks, high security locks, and electronic security.

If your business location no longer wants to use keys and deadbolts, then you might want to upgrade to a keyless entry system. Usually these systems consist of card access readers where individuals have a key card, which is similar to a hotel room style of entry, however these are magnetic card readers where the individual places a card up to the reader and it simply unlocks the door. Because there are so many options, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

Please remember, we also service car locks, house locks, and safes.

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